We can't wait to see this forum evolving striking with ideas hoping it will grow as a community on a road to it's perfection.
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  Update #1: A thank you post for Markhoss + some info from my side!

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Developer & Administrator
Developer & Administrator

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PostSubject: Update #1: A thank you post for Markhoss + some info from my side!   Fri May 27, 2016 4:51 am

First of all as a co founder of the Playstationeers forums and our YouTube channel, thank you so much Markhoss or Markiceyy or however you prefer to be called here smile for posting such a great and above outstanding forum≈channel history post here smile . I highly appreciate every single step you make here. You put so much effort and love into this forum. I never thought that we ever make it this far. This is (I said this before somewhere) just a pure cooperation between a wonderful friendship which is hardly going to break apart smile . This is what friends do to each other. They're trying to make something that's worth doing just like we two. We invented plenty of stuff together since we met. Everything started with a dropped comment from you on 251gnr's channel where I found my future best internet friend YOU! We made it soooo faaaar. This is JUST the beginning! There's still a ton of work to do in here and I am willing to help you as much as I can smile. I am also promising you that I will be active almost every day on this forum. Someone needs to take care of this site when its daddy is not here (Markhoss) hehehe . Oh actually I am writting this post on my mobile so now I have a chance to use THIS lol . Imagine how difficult is to write on mobile such a long post like this. Now I am writting another post later today where I introduce myself and possibly will tell you some cool ideas about the future of this forum. I am sooo happy to be here along with Markiceyy cheers . Now I have absolutely no idea if I have written this post into the correct category or not but in my opinion, this is a little update so I think this is the right one. I need to demostrate or Markiceyy. Ok I have finally come to the end of this post. I will write more later today smile. Dont be shy and join our team! We can make something out of our minds! If you need some advice or help please contact me or Markhoss as we are the bosses of this forum.Take care my friend and PEACE .
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Development Manager
Development Manager

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PostSubject: Re: Update #1: A thank you post for Markhoss + some info from my side!   Fri May 27, 2016 9:36 am

You are not a co founder well you could say we are both or in other words say we are both founders and owners I want to thank you for the master effort of image editing please excuse me I know you feel you are not good enough but I see it differently and it will only get better! Enough with that smiling thing I lose almost every time you darn amazing guy I am gonna crap my pants when I see you and hug you sh*tless very happy I hope that made you smile tongue with the steps well it's required if we want a lot of kind people and support we have already done a lot of work for it but its not fully finished for instance I still have to make the category descriptions. I have never thought we would get here there but we're nowhere yet that's the thing right now it's all in our minds but not in the reality but its coming bro its coming we need to give it time but already we have been blessed with the opinions of others and as for the community I am sure we will appreciate each other I highly hope that's the aim as I stated this is what I hope that "We can't wait to see this forum evolving striking with ideas hoping it will grow as a community on a road to it's perfection." and I am far from being your greatest friend but not that far after all that anger it was worth it after all. You're damn right this is just the beginning we still have a lot of games and videos and everything fun to do as well as projects like this except in this community and also for our individual channels. I will always be here son lol, with the mobile I can't believe you put this much effort into putting it out there I want to thank you for that you have a lot of patience I couldn't move my finger very far all the time I prefer a pc keyboard who doesn't though very happy I can't imagine how hard it is believe me it's ok with the categories I won't stone you to death like on other forums which they do you are allowed to make mistakes we are human beings. With our brains we can indeed come with something good check the Playstioneers post that's what we've come up with to find the source of something rare here and build up on it and create something amazing enjoy darky I am loving to create this and improving this community with you and everyone else good luck.
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Update #1: A thank you post for Markhoss + some info from my side!
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